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Coronavirus explained to kids

Once upon a time in a land far away… What are you talking about??? This is happening right now! Dear people and children of this kingdom, we are under siege by a new enemy: the coronavirus! We must talk now about this new invader and how we can fight it.

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Viruses and bacteria are found everywhere in nature and also in and on people
Virus and Bacteria sit in the trees and bushes
Viruses and bacteria occur everywhere in nature: on plants, animals and of course on humans. They are so small that we can not see them unless we use a microscope. alles anzeigen
Some viruses and bacteria cause diseases in humans - for example the common cold
Virus sits on the shoulder of a child with a cold
Most viruses and bacteria cause us no harm. But some of the viruses plague us every year with sicknesses like the common cold as you can see this poor kid is suffering from. alles anzeigen
Crown Virus
Recently there has been a new virus. It is invading our kingdom right now. A more dangerous than usual. This new invader is known to wear a new and very heavy crown. This crown gave the virus its name: corona. Corona comes from the Latin word for crown. alles anzeigen
Body defends itself
Prince fights of virus with a shield
There have been coronavirus invaders in the past but we haven't yet seen this particular new coronavirus with its very heavy crown before. Not even the prince himself could fight it with his mighty immune system shield. This new coronavirus can slip past our immune defenses because our immune systems have not yet seen this coronavirus. They haven't yet learned how to fight it. alles anzeigen
Causes fever, coughing and tiredness
Fever Retriever coughes and looks very tired
But what does the coronavirus do? The virus often causes us to have a fever and feel very tired as this fever retriever is suffering from right now. The small fever retriever is coughing. Coughing is another common problem the Corona virus causes. Coughing is not only a symptom but also how the virus likes to spread. alles anzeigen
Severe Corona affects lungs
Crown on breast of elderly fever retriever
Lastly we should talk about the most dangerous weapon the Coronavirus has. It uses its weapon mostly to attack elderly and sick citizens. It uses its very heavy crown and puts it on the breast of the older fever retriever. Coronavirus attacks the lungs with its heavy crown and can cause serious breathing problems which can become very dangerous indeed. So we must take this enemy seriously. alles anzeigen
Stay at home!
Fever Retriever in the dog house
How can you help fight back and protect yourself and your fellow citizens from becoming so sick. How can we defeat this virus? First of all if you are sick or the kingdom tells you to: stay at home! This is of utmost importance to stop the virus from spreading. In general listen to what your kingdom tells you to do. alles anzeigen
Wash your hands often and very well
Princess washes her hands
Second: Wash your hands very often and very well. Just like the princess is doing right now. Viruses and bacteria spread not only by coughing but also by touching things. Touching door handles, touching fellow citizens, touching your nose, you get the drift... So wash your hands to wash away the viruses. For how long must you wash your hands, you ask? For a long time! For as long as the princesses' ribbon is. For as long as you need to recite the following poem TWICE: "Wash your hands to protect the land. Up and down and in between. Use lots of soap to get them clean. Twice you must recite this rhyme. Wash your hands for just that time." alles anzeigen
Sneeze and cough into the inside of your elbow
Elf with bow sneezes into the inside of her elbow
Next you must no sneeze or cough into the air or into your hand. Use the inside of your elbow instead, just as this elf with her bow is doing right now. alles anzeigen
Use tissues and throw them away afterwards
Garbage can with used tissues
Better yet if you have a tissue, use a tissue. However always throw away that tissue after using it. Don't leave your used tissues lying around. The coronavirus loves spreading by a used tissue lying around. alles anzeigen
Greet other people without touching them
Boy and unicorn greet without touching
Also if you do go outside and you meet people that you do not live with: don't shake their hands, don't give them a hug, don't give them pinky promises. Corona loves pinky promises! You must greet everybody you do not live with without touching them. Smile and wave at them instead. alles anzeigen
Doctors wear special gowns for protection
Magician wears magical gown
Even though you will try as hard as you can not to, you might become sick. And you might then have to go to the doctor. Do not be concerned about the magical appearance of your doctors and nurses right now. They wear magical gowns to protect themselves from the coronavirus. alles anzeigen
Doctors might do a swab of your throat or nose
Magician has a magical cotton ball wand
As all good magicians your doctors or nurses might use a magical wand to inspect you. With their cotton ball wands they will touch the back of your throat or nose to see whether the coronavirus has attacked you. alles anzeigen
Specialists already work on ways to protect us from coronavirus
Blacksmith forges a shield with a crown on it
While you are doing your part there are mighty specialists who are working on shields to protect us from the coronavirus. But they are not done yet and might not be done for quite some time. So be patient and fear not! You can already help stop the virus by following theses rules and whatever rules your kingdom proposes. Help in the fight against this evil foe! Be kind to your neighbour and we shall defeat this enemy with its very very heavy crown! alles anzeigen

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